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StudioLive 16.4.2 with Sonar Platinum no Mutitrack device Driver

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asked Feb 28, 2016 in Classic Mixers by snapper71 (170 points)

i am using StudioLive 16.4.2 with a XEON Quadcore System with 16MB RAM and Windows 8.1

My DAW is Sonar Platinum . My Problem is that SONAR Platinum is only showing one Input driver in the device Input Manager.

Sonar Artist is showing me all Input drivers and i can use it well for multitrack recording.

I have updated Sonar Artist and Platinum and of course i would like to use my Platinum Version and not the Artist "ligh" Version.

All Drivers of OS, HW and SW come with the latest Drivers. I tried StudioLive with vers. 1.71 and 1.72 without any success.

Does anyone have the same problems or maybe a  hint for me?

Kind regards


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answered Mar 1, 2016 by gadget69 (30,260 points)
Have you tried using "Capture" (free with your mixer) to record and then export the stems to Sonar? That would be my only contribution here...
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answered Mar 1, 2016 by snapper71 (170 points)
Thank you all for your help.

The problew is fixed, by correcting the ASIO settings.