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All tracks recording on only channels 1 and 2

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asked Jun 30, 2019 in Studio One 4 by timspencer1 (230 points)

Used a Mac with studio one with no issues,   upon moving to Windows, all my tracks 1-6 are only recording on tracks 1 and 2.   Audio inputs are set 1-6 as mono channels.  

When I tap on mics 3-6 they show activity only on channels one and two.  I'm completely stuck on this one.  

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answered Jun 30, 2019 by edramsey (2,140 points)
selected Jul 1, 2019 by butchrichard
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I'm assuming the mixer mode is set to "multitrack" in the driver?
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answered Jun 30, 2019 by timspencer1 (230 points)
So, my driver was set to Stereo because only then can I hear the output from Studio One on my headphones (plugged into my Tascam)  when I change it to Multitrack, the mics appear to be working on the correct channels but I have no audio from Studio one.  My windows settings are set for output to go to studio one but I only have output on Stereo mode.
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answered Jun 30, 2019 by timspencer1 (230 points)
Whew..found it.  My driver/tascam needed to be on Multi-track and my output needed to be on computer 1-2.  Its working.  Your answer put me on the right track (no pun intended)  Thanks Ed!