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MIDI Program Change affecting all tracks

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asked Apr 5, 2016 in Studio One 3 by scoredfilms (6,830 points)


The problem at its simplest: Under the Inspector, if I change the MIDI Program Number to 3, then all the other tracks also change to 3.

While I can automate program changes under the automation lane, I cannot assign a program change to the track via the inspector. It's assigned to the entire instrument, which either doesn't make sense or is a bug. If it's a feature, then I'm thinking it shouldn't be part of the track inspector and I might reword the reference manual a bit. But between that and being able to use program changes to switch articulations on one channel in Cubase, Kontakt, and VI-Pro... I'm guessing this is just a bug.

I have several instruments in Kontakt and from VSL that I want to use one midi channel for, but have the different articulations on different tracks. And I can't see how. If anyone can think of another way to accomplish that, I'd welcome the input. The rest of my template avoids the use of keyswitches and I'd like to do that with these instruments as well (I prefer using S1's navigation and UI to manage articulations), but this issue is preventing that. I'm still very happy with S1. It's brilliant software. Just running into a couple MIDI snags, which seem utterly small in comparison to the good things about this software. smiley

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P.S. My system information:

  • ASUS X99-A Mobo
  • i7 5820k, 64GB Crucial memory
  • Win10 x64
  • Studio One (in demo mode)
  • RME HDSPe AIO, Driver 4.14 (latest)

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answered Apr 6, 2016 by niles (54,610 points)
selected Apr 6, 2016 by scoredfilms
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Yes, it's different than Cubase. However I doubt it's a bug that all tracks connected to the same MIDI channel and device, change on a global program change for that MIDI channel. The program selector in the Inspector is only sending out a change on manual adjustment. Not on play or event starts.

If you want to change bank and program changes on the fly, per part for the same MIDI channel, you can try to use MIDI Program Change and if necessary Bank Select (LSB/MSB) as Continuous Controller data. 

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answered Apr 6, 2016 by scoredfilms (6,830 points)
Thanks, I will just use a different solution. It's far more tedious, but it will allow me to use the same workflow with all my instruments hosted by VEP. As a matter of feedback, the one area of the software I've noticed is a bit weak is integration of VEP and multi-articulation instruments, which is one of the most common ways DAWs are used these days in the virtual instrument realm, especially for film/tv/media composers but also for virtual instrument power users. I know not everyone uses VEP, but where power users do... many others will follow those users a bit. ;) All I'm saying is a little TLC in this area of the software will go a long way. I accept the program change answer completely. It's a welcome answer and I have a solution. I'm just giving some larger feedback about a larger picture I hope you guys are aware of.

That said, I really have to say it again... outside of this area, this is easily the best DAW I've ever used. The UI, workflow, context menus, toolbars, editors, sketchpad, the entire freaking thing is just awesome. It's clearly a user-oriented DAW.