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See Durations in Editor - Drum Mode

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asked Jul 9, 2019 in Editing by christianbck (240 points)

I am using the Geist 2 plugin and have MIDI tracks that trigger Patterns in Geist. So with Note On, the Pattern starts, with Note Off it stops again. In the Studio One Editor I need to see the start time and end time of the note, to adjust these times.

This works fine in the 'Melodic Mode', however, then I see the 'keyboard black and white keys', which does not help me here. On the other hand when switching to 'Drum Mode' I correctly see the Pattern Names that are triggerd with this note (supplied bv the Geist plugin). But now I see only drum trigger events.

I really would like to combine both, having the plugin supplied names on the left, but also note boundaries like in Melodic Mode.



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