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Universal Control AI does not find RM16AI on Windows 10 through my Network.

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asked Jan 8, 2016 in Ai Mixers by brianroberts3 (270 points)
edited Jan 8, 2016 by brianroberts3
When I run the latest version of UC Surface ( on Windows 10 it does not "see" the RM16A1 (Firmware 7049) that is on the same WIFI networks. That is, the mixer never shows up as a choice on the initial screen.

However, my iPhone on the same WIFI network does find the mixer and can connect to it.

Please help.


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answered Jan 8, 2016 by abrand2 (32,040 points)
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It's fair to say that your mixer is functioning correctly if your iOS devices are able to connect to your router and communicate with the RM mixer.  If your Windows 10 computer is somehow not connecting, it could be related to firewall and blocking applications.  My suggestion is to do the following:

Click in the Search box next to the start button > type in the words "Control Panel" (without quotes) > Locate "Windows Firewall"

On the dialog box that comes up, make sure to click "Change Settings."  You then want to allow "Universal Control AI" permissions to work through any Private, Public or Domain networks.

Once you've done this, restart your computer and test connection again.  If you are still having problems, you might need to Completely remove Universal Control AI and reinstall the application.  If you are still having issues, Contact Technical Support.

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answered Jan 8, 2016 by brianroberts3 (270 points)
Changing the firewall settings did it. Thanks.