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Please increase the midi subdivision count to 256 for micro adjustments.

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asked Jul 12, 2019 in MIDI Editing by NickWeiland (420 points)
hi guys im using alot of midi programming and i like to often track covers of tunes that have alot of freetime to them i like to track drums that dont always fit to the metronome. currently, i cant achieve the precision i want with your midi capabilities. it goes to 64ths  which is great for most people but heavy midi users like myself making micro adjustments for certain feels of swing and free time i cant achieve the placement i want because the drums im tracking are inbetween the subdivisions. im currently doing a remake of elton johns rocket man and im finding that some of the beat hits are very inbetween the lines of the 64ths and its hard to keep a straight tempo because recordings back then were hardly metronomic.  so for this reason id like to have more fine tuning and if possible go higher than 64ths to whatever number you want to specify. this is something i could do in cubase before i switched and i was getting alot of decent results. but now i am limited to 64th subdivisions which means my drum cover wont be as accurate as id like.

if this can be fixed in an update id really appreciate it.

many thanks


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