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Chord detection screen to visible place

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asked Jul 17, 2019 in Look and Feel by Anselmi71 (4,660 points)
Please Presonus could you put Chord Detection Screento  some place where it is always visible like in Logic. Now it is visible only when I have Piano roll open.

2 Answers

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answered Jul 26, 2020 by valentinosciacca1 (8,340 points)
I was thinking the same thing.... While I'm jamming I want to see the chords I play in front of me every time like I used to in logic.
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answered Dec 2, 2020 by mickwilson1 (200 points)
This would be awesome i have to use a plugin to get the chords ie captain chords and scaler but i would sooner just play the chords as i play