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Bug Report for Chord Detection

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asked Feb 13, 2021 in Studio One 5 by KungFuJosh (200 points)
There's a bug with chord detection using instrument tracks. I'm using the latest version of Studio One 5 Pro (updated a couple days ago).

The song key is set to Eb.

I have an instrument track playing very basic vi – IV – I – V chords, in the key of Eb that's Cm, Ab, Eb, Bb.

When trying to detect the chords based on the instrument track, the chord track came up with a bunch of weird chord names, including using sharps (for example G#maj7somethingorother). G# is NOT in the key of Eb, this makes no sense for the chord track to go this way.

On the other hand, I bounced the instrument track to a new track, and it detected the chord names perfectly from the new audio track.

So it seems the bug only exists on instrument tracks.


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