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DAW mode preamp gain staging using Logic Pro X ?

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asked Jul 18, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by cnystrom (290 points)
I have asked this another way in a different post, so forgive me for any redundancy.  Thanks for the responses!

This is geared toward looking to see if anyone else out there has purchased a StudioLive III (32SC) specifically for use with Logic Pro X and have found a practical work around for dialing up the preamp gain prior to the fader.

Everything on the DAW mode works the way I thought it would, except the channel gain goes missing (on the console) when using DAW into Logic Pro X.  The channel volume (gain) relayed in DAW mode is so much lower than in analog mode as a live console.

I understand the fat channel and gain stage adjustment capabilities follow when using Studio One 4 and I may ultimately have to abandon Logic. Just trying to stick with what I know and be able to use my 3rd party AU plug-ins etc. Not ruling out this being an Apple/Logic problem or some combination there of with the 32SC.

My Presonus 1818vsl worked flawlessly as an interface for Logic Pro X, tons of gain and headroom on each channel, but it has a physical knob (per channel).  Made the move on the Series III 32SC after hearing about benefits of DAW mode, just wishing the gain stage would work as well as the 1818vsl did!

IMac desktop 16gb ram / Logic Pro X / Presonus StudioLive s/III 32SC

Thanks in advance,,,

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answered Jul 19, 2019 by jonnydoyle (403,180 points)
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You need to exit DAW mode to set you gain levels and then go back into DAW mode when you wish.
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answered Jul 18, 2019 by cnystrom (290 points)

Mac/Logic users : In an attempt to answer my own question, I have found a youtube link that addresses gain staging , pre-fader level monitoring and Gain utility plug-ins, within Logic Pro X. 

Maybe not as precise as adjusting gain within the Series III console, but it is a way to not overdrive the console when feeding Logic Pro X through the DAW mode interface.  Will be experimenting some more with this to see how it works for me in a session setting, just passing it along in advance in case others find it helpful.   If you have a different method, would love to see it posted as well.

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answered Jul 19, 2019 by cnystrom (290 points)
Mac/Logic users : I also found this gentleman's approach useful to adjust input gain (pre-fader) on the logic side of the fence.

Presuming you have your mixer side set exactly the way you like it and you still find input gain on the Logic side a bit too low.

Good overall video, but particularly useful at 2:17 into the segment.

Thanks for any other input or suggestions!