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mic pre amp gain control assigned to a Studiolive board while in daw mode using Studio One 4

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asked Mar 29, 2020 in StudioLive Series III by jasoncarroll (130 points)
How do assign mic pre amp gain while recoding to a Studiolive 32 board while in DAW mode with Studio One 4 ?

I want to be able to physically adust mic gain/trim at the board. I'm using a Studiolive board as my audio interface.

I would like to adjust at fat channel just like you can adjust pan, output, input, etc.

1 Answer

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answered Mar 29, 2020 by Bbd (14,410 points)
When you are in DAW mode, turn on your Input control by selecting the Wrench tool to the left of the mixer and select "Input controls".

Then expand your mixer channel so that you can see the input control at the top.

You can then control the input gain from either your board or Studio One.