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Problem with Quantum (Output works, but no sound on input)

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asked Jul 20, 2019 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by alexandreguillaume (130 points)

I just bought a Quantum, and a Mac Mini (2012) for connecting the Quantum.

I used to use Studio One Pro with a RME FIREFACE 800, and everything was OK.

Now, with the Quantum, i have no sound on inputs. I see the vu-meter working, and also on Universal Control. I see the vu-meter moving on each inputs. But no sound is coming. (Yes i selected the quantum on input and output, the Quantum is recognized)

On the other hand, I have sound on output when i'm using a synth plugin or when i'm on youtube. But impossible to have sound on input... Don't know what to do.

Thanks :(

ps : i'm on Mojave (osx)

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answered Oct 6, 2019 by lloydledet (370 points)

Credit this to philschroeder1 on another question. This worked for me after costing me an entire day of frustration.

SysPrefs>Accessibility>Privacy>Microphone: Make sure Studio One app is in there and box is checked. 

StudioOne was there & the box was not checked. Allowed the microphone & BOOM! Now getting signal in S1Pro input on the correct channel.  Previous to turning this on: I was getting good signal on the Quantum & in Universal Control from my condenser mic with 48v phantom power on the channel, just no input signal in S1Pro software, either in the input section or on the channel with the "listen" & "record ready" icons highlighted.  Many thanks to philschroeder1 for saving the day.  Presonus really needs to spell this out for people. Never had this problem with my Presonus mixers or UA Apollo Twin using S1Pro.

Longtime Presonus S1Pro user with FaderPort, StudioLive 1602 & 16AI mixers, HP6, AudioBox2 with various MacMini's, MacBookPro's, & iMacs

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answered Apr 1, 2020 by kiefermorales (180 points)

Answer by lloydledet works!! This issue was driving me crazy!

Only difference for me was:

SysPrefs>Security&Privacy>Microphone: Make sure Studio One app is in there and box is checked.

Thats it!

Thanks to all who helped out on this issue.