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Problem with Quantum (Output works, but no sound on input)

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asked Jul 20 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by alexandreguillaume (130 points)

I just bought a Quantum, and a Mac Mini (2012) for connecting the Quantum.

I used to use Studio One Pro with a RME FIREFACE 800, and everything was OK.

Now, with the Quantum, i have no sound on inputs. I see the vu-meter working, and also on Universal Control. I see the vu-meter moving on each inputs. But no sound is coming. (Yes i selected the quantum on input and output, the Quantum is recognized)

On the other hand, I have sound on output when i'm using a synth plugin or when i'm on youtube. But impossible to have sound on input... Don't know what to do.

Thanks :(

ps : i'm on Mojave (osx)

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