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Why Bleed/ Talkback on two unused Channels -SL 16

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asked Jul 21, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by schmidtbaby (380 points)
I am nOOB I have a synth connected to ch 9 and 10. Why would sound also be coming in on Ch 1 and 6?

Please help


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answered Jul 21, 2019 by wahlerstudios (103,640 points)
selected Jul 24, 2019 by jonnydoyle
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Probably you have routed channels 9 and 10 additionally to channels 1 and 6. This is called digital split. You can send one channel multiple times to other input channels. UC_Surface_ReferenceManual_EN_04042019, section 9.6.2 "Input Patch". You find the manual in the download area of your mixer.