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StudioOne 3 Artist --input channels bleed and drift when recording

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asked Nov 23, 2020 in Studio One 3 by lesuhite (160 points)
Inputs into Studio One either bleed across other channels, or "drift" into unassigned channels. Overall, the I/O is not stable and channels reassign randomly or fall out of the matrix completely.

This is not a matter of microphone bleed -- simply tapping a mic during rudimentary setup will show up on three or four channels. Channels will sometimes reassign themselves1>2, 2>3 etc and the last channel falls out completely while channel 1 turns into an odd mashup of everything. This is, needless to say, the source of embarrassment when I need to call a singer back in because her track never recorded, although it appeared to on the meter.

All input channels are recorded dry-- i.e. no processing beyond setting input levels

Device 1: ********* U-Phoria UMC404HD -- even preliminary setup can be a pain as channels show up randomly in the matrix regardless of their assignment. This is a relatively new device. I've checked the ********* forums and there's no mention of channels drifting in the DAW there..

Device 2: Audiobox USB -- which usually behaves as a stand-alone but gets squirrelly if I try to lash devices together through ASIO4ALL. This is an older device and starting to show some quirks with input levels.

Laptops (Dell and HP) running Win10. Software for all devices is up-to-date. The problem shows up in both computers. I'm currently using two laptops and two input devices to record six channels because inputs are so unpredictable.  Needless to say, syncing tracks takes time in post-processing that I'd prefer to use more creatively. .

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