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how can i split recordings?

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asked Jul 21, 2019 in Studio One 4 by jasonrabbitte (120 points)
Hi, I am a complete novice to recording....i mean a real novice.

I have recorded a 2 hour gig we did and i want to take some of the songs from that recording and put them into seperate tracks - its probably a simple procedure but i am not au fait with the lingo. I thought is might be as simple as highlghting the channels with the bars locations but obviously it isn't.

I am using Studio 4 Artist on a HP core i5 LAPTOP if any of that info is relevant. I have 5 channels - bass, acoustic, 2 vocals and stomp box.

Go easy now....i feel stupid enough :)


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answered Jul 22, 2019 by tothrec (9,300 points)
Press 2 to get the Range Tool.

Click and drag to select the tracks and the time you want

Press 1 to get the Selection Tool

(Make sure you have the vertical zoom set small enough that you see empty space after the last track)

Click on the top track and drag straight down to the empty space after the last track