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Universal control telling me to update firmware to "new" v2.21, device is running v2.22

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asked Jul 22, 2019 in AudioBox USB by michaeljackson31 (200 points)
I can't actually access any of the settings, I'm assuming I need to "update" the firmware in order to do so, but generally installing older firmware seems like a bad idea.  

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answered Dec 4, 2019 by vitorjoaquim1 (520 points)
same problem with me.
Any reaction from Presonus?
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answered Feb 13 by reinhardduczek (140 points)
Now it is 2020/02/13. Bought a Studio 68c yesterday and run in the same problem as you. What is the newest Firmware 2.2 or 2.1? Can we get a Release Note? Presonus it is up to you! Please answer our questions.
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answered Apr 22 by mattbstroud (140 points)
Same issue, will try to call support.  Very disappointing no one answered in months.
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answered Jun 5 by nigeldawson (140 points)
I have the same issue with a unit purchased in April and keeps asking to update to 2.21 with installed version 2.22.

Preventing me from adjusting some settings.
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answered Aug 29 by romualdserrier (140 points)
I just bought a 68c on the 25th of august 2020.
Same thing happen to me.
Universal control ask me to update the firmware to a version showing an older version.
What kind of work is this ?
Moreover I can't set buffer size nor sample rate because of this.

I'm gonna try the "update" so I can set the 68c the way I have to, but this is a really weird way to make your hardware work Presonus.
and if this "update" doesn't work, the 68c would go back to the retailer for a refund.

PS : "update" worked. Settings are able. Hardware seems stable.
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answered Sep 25 by bertdeivert1 (140 points)
edited Sep 25 by bertdeivert1

I have only had my studio 68c since May. I started the Universal Control App today and it notified me of a firmware update to install which I started, I thought it was the newest,and did not disconnect the box or do anything while it was updating., but about halfway through it suddenly showed a dialog box, about stopped connection. When I tried to start PRO TOOLS afterwards it doesn't connect and the interface only has one blue light on.. I am using MAC OSX 10.15.6  I tried to send a support request but it seems not to send... No email confirmation either. I am in the middle of a paid session so this is down time now... :-(  In Sweden so I don't know where to turn. 

UPDATE ---- after a number of restarts I restarted the mac and got universal control working right and started all over again and I was able to install the "old" firmware update.... Now everything is working... PHEW...