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A few minor (some major) requests in general

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asked Jul 29, 2019 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by tobiasmaislinger (250 points)
  1. I'm still missing a few things wich would make this consolE want to adress this post to all engineers of presonus to make the next firmware even better.and if I am missing something doe to my lack of experience on this, please correct me our help me out.

    1)    no GEQ reset to 0db for the sigle bands when assigned to faders -> would be nice to a hit the select button (or solo) to get the 0db again.

    2)    generate "real" inserts. That means an analog insert point A in pre/post gain, dynamics and back to the same channel. I know it´s possible via AVB and usb, but I would be nice to have the chance insert some analog outboard on a single channel or on a aux/subgroup/master, without burning a new channel.

    3)    create a "quick lock" for the surface without changing the user. (holding a dedicated button to lock it)

    4)    more functions for the user buttons (especially bookmarking a dedicated page)

    5)    more functions for the user knobs (FX controlling would be perfect)

    6)    dynamic plug ins like dyn eq or mulitband comp. I'm really missing that here. I know we have a key filter, but still not a "real" Multiband comp or dan eq. if not for free, why not creating a bundle for it?

    7)    a clear function to reset a single channel to default.

    8)    Auto safe memory in case of a Power break down.   I don't if this fixable, but it is a problem that you have load the session to get the "correct" patching again. that means every step in your mix has gone. That's a big thing to keep in mind, or do I miss something here?

    9)    to be able to select each single channel on pre or post, not the whole aux mix

    10)    something for the future (Extension of the 32sc, 32sx and 32S models to 40 input Channels)

    11) add a pink noise generator

    12) to have a low pass filter in the fat channel, could be very handy 

    13) Remote Control function via AVB for the R series on the FOH console. For example 64S as FOH controlling the 32R over the Screens from the FOH console.

    14) soloing FX sends and returns

    so far im very happy with the desk and its flexibility. So please don't stop m<king such good products✌️

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answered Jul 30, 2019 by wahlerstudios (104,410 points)
selected Aug 26, 2019 by jonnydoyle
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It would be better to make single feature requests and allow individual voting, which can bring requests into interest. May I give you some help and add a comment to some requests?

1) Double tap a slider in UC Surface (tablet). It will flip back to zero.

2) There is literally no way to integrate external equipment into the digital world. AVB is a closed network and USB is a single connection between mixer and computer - the only "inserts" are Aux In 1 and Aux In 2 (both stereo) on the consoles.

3) I think this feature request already exists.

4) What does "dedicated page" mean? This request is not clear.

5) In the latest firmware updates PreSonus has not only added chorus and flanger, they have also improved the user interface of the reverbs and delays. There is the tendency to bring all functionality to the touchscreen and leave it there (execption TAP button).

6) Feature requests already exist.

7) This would be worth a feature request, if it's not there already. A workaround is to store a "clean" Fat Channel as preset and load it to a channel if needed. All single parts of the Fat Channel can be resetted via the TAP or USER button and turning the appropriate encoder. Another way is to load another equalizer or compressor model and then load the standard equalizer or compressor again.

8) The mixers will keep their latest status, but a sudden power fail can always cause problems. You need to invest in some special tools, if you want "security". You should always make sure that nobody has access to power cables or connectors. Saving your scene (in the project) often helps to prevent loss of data and the new soft-power function shows how long you need to wait until the mixer has "saved" the actual settings. A basic principle is: NEVER TURN THE MIXER OFF TOO FAST!

9) This feature request exists in several threads.

10) Is said already. There are 32 channel mixers (dual core) and one 64 channel mixer (quad core). Not to forget the 16 channel mixer 16R (single core). They seem to want to get rid if the "in between" figures like 24 and 48...

11) Is said will come to complete the RTA, but there will be no Smaart.

12) This request has been made several times already, not only for Series III.

13) Has also been requested, but would you want to control 64 input channels and two times 16 flex mixes on a board like the 64S? No, it would be better to use a second 64S as dedicated monitor mixer and devide the tasks... Or take some EarMix personal mixers and don't worry about remoite control...

14) Has been requested several times.

Please understand me right. I don't want to criticize your ideas and requests, but many feature requests have been made serveral times and do not get as much votes as one single request would get. This is a basic problem of "Answers". So, please vote for existing requests and make single requests for any idea which is not presented yet.