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Future Requests and Some Bugs

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asked Aug 23, 2020 in Studio One 5 by vicenteinvoice (490 points)

Studio One 5

1. Rename Sessions created (initially unnamed) do not save the folder with the same name after renaming it being necessary to open the explorer to rename the folder which makes the session not appear as active in the Studio One list.
2. MIDI notes sometimes remain playing, causing the need to use a panic button on the instrument.
3. SOLO or MUTE remain independent of the mixer window and the tracks window. I believe that when we want to solo a track or channel it must have the same behavior in both windows. There is no point in doing solo in one window and not in another.
4. Position of the edit window is not saved with the session (when using two monitors).
5. Automations do not accompany recalls.
6. It may be interesting to choose save sessions and projects in a folder regardless of the main location where there are no macros, presets projects, snapshots or templates, only the sessions.

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