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monitoring without"monitor mix knob"

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asked Jul 31, 2019 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by thexavi (190 points)

I've been a user of presonus audiobox for a long time.

It has a knob called "mixer" to create a balance of input signal and computer playback.
 That's very usefull when recording some tracks and you want to listen to what's recorded. You can adjust until you balance the "in" with the "out".

How can I do this with a interface not provided with this knob? For example the studio 26?

Thank you

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answered Aug 2, 2019 by Jamesrhone1 (200,310 points)
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The 2|6 has a direct monitor button. 

The Direct button blends the source of what is heard through the Headphone and Main outputs in the following manner:

  • When Direct Monitoring is disabled, you’ll only hear the playback from your computer.
  • When Direct Monitoring is enabled, the button will illuminate blue, and you’ll hear a 50/50 blend of the playback from your computer and input source signals
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answered Aug 4, 2019 by thexavi (190 points)
edited Aug 4, 2019 by thexavi
So you go from playback to 50/50.

You can,t adjust at your convenience, i understand.

Thank you for your answer