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Why are one my Sceptre 8 monitors missign high frequncy content?

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asked Aug 15 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by AndreB7414 (200 points)
I have tried to reset the speaker to no avail. I cant mix like this please help!

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answered Aug 21 by marlonwalton (210 points)
i was having a similar issue  its like the left speaker was always brighter, then i switched them round and the left side still seemed brighter had to install some acoustic panels my room wasn't  treated, i said that to say this these monitors s8 will bring up all the problems in a room but hold down [8 secs] the hf filter and room acoustic button when powering up and see if its helps and if ur interface can sum the stereo output to mono like the 1824 c try that and see if one is actually brighter, who knows there may really be a issue with them