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Modifier key to hold movement to one direction.

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asked Sep 2, 2019 in Editing by Lokeyfly (1,720 points)
Modifier key to restrict movement to one direction.

Details: Feature request for Studio One to use a modifier key(s) to restrict movement of notes for ease of vertical or horizontal positioning.

The key command should detect some relevant 0, 90, 180, and 270 degree direction of cursor movement to hold that position when moving any note or notes along the editor grid.

The same selection of modifier keys should also work in the same manner for event(s) repositioning, or tools (line tool for instance) where the preference is to hold any horizontal of vertical position or automation. Line.

Advantage: Increases speed and reliability of editing and moving notes, particularly at greater distances, and rapid repositioning. Also, with such constraining, there is less need to have to zoom in to ensure notes are in line, in key, in time (vertical), etc.

Possible key command might favorably be the Shift or Control key, used with another key H for "Hold", C for "Constrain",whatever key might be available.

Thank you for voting, and implementing.

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