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How can I route an input to a specific output. e.g. input one to left output only?

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asked Sep 7, 2019 in AudioBox USB by matterooni (130 points)
Hi there.

I am using my AudioBox USB96 to add an additional 2 mic-pre inputs to my Tascam US-1800.

Each AudioBox output is plugged into a line input on the Tascam.

When I monitor in my DAW (Cubase Elements 10) levels are ok and of course can be adjusted on the AudioBox front channel.

The problem is that each AudioBox input is sent to both Audiobox outputs so I do get two additional mic preamps but they are not independent of each other because I cannot figure out how to pan the inputs to the left and right.

Thanks in advance


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answered Oct 3, 2021 by chrisdillon (140 points)
Hi Matt - I have the exact same question. Did you ever figure out a way to do this?