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Ampire eats my DAWs CPU when nothing is being played

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asked Sep 14 in Studio One 4 by ricardomena (140 points)
So I'm working on a song and decided to use Ampire for the bass guitar to essentially run a bass amp profile. The problem is that, during playback ONLY, there is an instance where there is no bass recorded at all and right as it gets halfway through the no bass section, the CPU skyrockets and begins to clip. At first I thought my automation of a filter on a different channel was causing it, but once I looked at the CPU report I noticed it was Ampire that was leeching it all. Even after I automated the bypass for the plugin it still strains the CPU up until the clip where I have the bass recorded comes in.

I'm running a Dell T7500 with an Intel Xeon processor.

I have no idea what to do at this point, especially since I really am close to releasing said track where this issue is on.

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