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Add the ability to go below octave 0 with ATOM

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asked Sep 22, 2019 in Atom Pad Controllers by Annibale Hexe (1,130 points)

After reading Craig Anderton tips about ATOM, i've tested the 1st tip about using ATOM to reach the lower notes in Kontakt for keyswitching. Unfortunately, I realised that the lowest octave in ATOM (red color) is octave 0, whereas in Kontakt some libraries keyswitches are located in octave -2 and -1.

So is it possible to add to ATOM the ability to go below octave 0 ?


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answered Nov 29, 2019 by yancharbonneau (160 points)

Was wondering the same thing! If you look in the manual, the 5.1 chart page for MIDI banks (p. 34) specifically says that banks 7 and 8 go down to octaves -1 and -2. Am I reading this wrong? Maybe I'm mixing up the Keyboard mode and those MIDI mappings in section 5.1? Since only 13 pads are active in Keyboard mode, I don't understand where the mappings in section 5.1 come from or are used. Anyone else on this? Thank you!