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Can't get Studio One 3 Pro to see 16.0.2 as a MIDI interface

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asked Jan 16, 2016 in Studio One 3 by harebrained (660 points)
Running a MacMini - OS 10.9.5

StudioLive 16.0.2 - firmware 0.98f / build: 219

StudioOne 3 Pro - v

Trying to add an old Roland PC-200mkII midi keyboard as a midi input source for S1.

Can't get S1 to see my 16.0.2 as a MIDI interface though.

Other programs (such as Notion v3) see my Roland MIDI keyboard just fine through the 16.0.2 so I'm pretty sure the midi setup is fine as far as the computer is concerned.  It just seems like S1 doesn't want to cooperate.

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answered Jan 22, 2016 by butchrichard (131,290 points)

First thing you will want to do is make sure that Studio One 3 is set to use your StudioLive 16.0.2 as the audio interface.  Notice that the 16.0.2 will show as a FireStudio.  This is normal.  The StudioLive 16.0.2 as a firewire connectable device, it uses the same protocol under OSX as the FireStudio products. 


Now, click External Devices at the top.  Click ADD.  Select "New Keyboard".  You can name your device anything you want.  The most important settings are "Receive From" and "Send To".  You will need to set these "Presonus FireStudio Port 1".  Receive From is the MIDI IN port physically on the back of the 16.0.2.  Send To is the MIDI OUT port physically on the back of the 16.0.2  

You may also want to check the box for "Default Instrument Input".  These will make this MIDI control keyboard device set as the default device whenever you add a Virtual Instrument in to your song.

Click OK.  Then click the "Reconnect" button on the Preferences window and OK again.  Should be good to go now.  

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answered Feb 18, 2016 by whstudios (140 points)
I also own a 16.0.2. Have you checked it to make sure that MIDI is turned on?  System page 4.

-Mark Megill