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To choose the right interface

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asked Oct 6, 2019 in AudioBox i-Series by richardvargas3 (120 points)
Dear technical support!

Please help me to find out which product is the best for my situation!

My enviroments are:
- Computer "A" (desktop at home with a Focusrite interface)
- Computer "B" (laptop without audio interface)

My preferences:
- I need an interface for my laptop on the go, to work with just softwares.
- Headhone out is enough, no additional ins/outs needed.

For this case which interface is good for me (are there any differences beside the connectors)?
- AudioBox USB 96
- AudioBox iOne / iTwo
- Studio 24 / 24c

Lately realised that Studio One is really good and sympathic, so I would like to use that.
- If I buy one of the interfaces above, may I upgrade for the full version (Studio One Professional)?
- How many devies can I install Studio One at the same time?
- May I use that on my Computer "A" too, at the same time when I have it on my Computer "B"?
- Does the Presonus interface to be connected to use Studio One?
- On other case, if I don't have a Presonus interface, and buy Studio One, may I install that onto both copmuter?

Thank You!


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answered Oct 6, 2019 by josiahwhillas (200 points)
First of all any of the interfaces you selected should be fine as long as they are USB bus powered. This just means no power supply needed.

Nearly all PreSonus gear comes with studio live artist which means you have the option to upgrade to professional.  

Artist and professional have 5 activations each.

Studio one works with any interface asking as you have the drivers. If there is any issue use asio for all

Studio one will work with out an interface.

Thats all the questions hopefully