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Overhauled Track Colouring Options

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asked Oct 12 in Look and Feel by joeoliver1 (350 points)
Can we have the colour selection redone? It's currently a weird grid with a bunch of almost randomised colours that are, frankly, mostly gross.

Can we either get an option to choose our own colour grid, or just have it redone so it's a simple colour spectrum with maybe 5 different shades of saturation? Colours horizontally, and the corresponding saturation levels vertically?

Don't know about anyone else, but colour coding makes my mix process a lot faster when trying to find certain tracks.

2 Answers

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answered Nov 6 by hunterlau (250 points)
I agree!! the tracks' color saturation are way TOO HIGH! hurt my eyes and none of them are looking good. the problem is saturation! I can work on logic, PT for a long time but S1 makes me feel, I'm gonna get away from it asap
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answered Nov 10 by leonordmann (1,580 points)
Yes!!! I love how S1 looks, but the colors have always been in a weird arrangement and some are just too saturated.
Please do this presonus ❤️