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Restore Takes to Layers - for when you recorded with "Takes to Layers" disabled

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asked Feb 19, 2022 in Editing by tothrec (31,660 points)

How to get takes back into layers when the "Takes to Layers" was off during a session

It took me a long time to restore this one vocal track.

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Feature Request: Takes to Layers
Use case: The Takes to Layers was off when you recorded multiple takes and now you need to comp

Manual Steps:
Open the Browser/Pool
Find your takes (they should all be named by the track they came from followed by a number in parenthesis)
Create a new track for each take
Select the takes within the pool
Drag them into the new tracks
Select all of the clips
Edit/Move to Origin (this places them at the correct time)
Create a new layer for each of the tracks
Drag from tracks to layers
Delete tracks

How it would be used:
Select track(s)
Edit/Takes to Layers

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answered Mar 26, 2022 by James_North (1,080 points)
edited Mar 27, 2022 by James_North

You can already do this - check some vids on record modes and layers.

Not sure if it’s a command or macro but you can definitely explode recorded takes to layers in one go.

EDIT: returned with a screenshot.

Select the takes on the track, right click, Unpack Takes, Unpack Takes to new (or existing) layers.