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my free trial is expired, but i did not have a chance to try ist because my macbook pro was too old.

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asked Oct 24, 2019 in Studio One 4 by paulfischnller (120 points)
dear sirs,

dear madams,

a couple of weeks ago i wanted to install studio one version 4 on my macbook pro mid 2010 when i found out, that the program will not work with this computer. it is because of the operating system that cannot be upgraded to anything above 10.9.

I now have a newer macbook pro  that i purchased today and wanted to install the trial software but the time period is expired. before i by i want to try. ok? do you have any suggestions for me?

thank so much.

my code: 657W-JSHL-A5YB-FHYB-W7MG-ZZZT-2442

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