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Helix in StudioLive SX III. How to reamp ?

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asked Apr 9, 2021 in StudioLive Series III by gaellain (200 points)
Hello everybody

I have :

- Studio One 4 Artist

- StudioLive SX serie III

- Helix from Line 6

My guitar is plugged into my Helix.

And both  Helix out XLR are plugged in two analogic inputs to the StudioLive.

My StudioLive is plugged in my PC with USB cable.

What is the best way for routing the signal in order to :

1- recording a dry track and a wet track at the same time  in StudioOne ?  (in order to reamp)

2- have the Helix's wet track in the headphones for the recording musicians.?

Thank you very much


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