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komplete kontrol missing in studio one 5

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asked Jul 9, 2020 in Studio One 5 by nelsonleeroy (1,390 points)

Does anybody miss Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol 2.3 (windows), Massive and reaktor 5 after studio one 5 update ?

It's not working despite rescaning, updating in plugin manager, even reinstalling from native access

(There are still operational in studio one 4.6.2....)

Let me know


:( :(

1 Answer

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answered Sep 27, 2020 by dragobrumen (340 points)

Same problem in v4, but I've managed to solve it. I guess it should also work in v5.

  1. Go to: C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\PreSonus\Studio One 4\x64
  2. Open  "Plugins-en.settings" in text editor
  3. Search and find text "Kontrol" and locate this section:
    • <Section path="<SOME STRING HERE>/Komplete Kontrol.dll">
      <Attributes numClasses="0">
  4. Change  <Attributes numClasses="0"> to <Attributes numClasses="1">
  5. Rescan