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Pinch to zoom invertion setting (at least, on Windows)

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asked Nov 15, 2019 in Look and Feel by vasilykorytov (11,580 points)
I've been using Studio One on both Macs and Windows machines. and one simple thing keeps bothering me:

on Mac, pinch to zoom gesture on trackpad zooms horizontally, shift + pinch zoom gesture zooms vertically. but on Windows it's vice versa: no shift to zoom vertically and shift to zoom horizontally. that's very inconsistent behaviour if you're using both platforms. Melodyne however does the same thing with pinch to zoom on all platforms, so it's not the hardware to blame.

yes, I know about W/E shortcuts, but just used to my trackpad. I've created a support ticket asking if this is intended behaviour, but didn't get an answer on this. they however suggested me to go to forums, so I can learn  I can press my shift button to inverse scrolling. I already know that, thanks. but would prefer an option that can default Windows pinch-to-zoom to horizontal zooming, just like it's on Macs.


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