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Audiobox USB 96 suddenly not working

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asked Nov 20, 2019 in AudioBox USB by bontiefernandesbontiefernandes (170 points)
I formatted my Macbook recent, reinstalled Universal Controller and Garageband and everything was fine.

Next day Input 1 stops registering input from my electric guitar completely. The clipping bulb doesn't even light up when I max out the dial.

Day after that, both inputs have now failed, clipping bulb is still dark.

Now the only sound I can get from audiobox is when I jiggle the USB wire and get a crackly brushy like noise register out of garageband.

Output is set to the device in system preferences as well as in garageband. It makes no sense.

Cable works fine on my amp so it's definitely the box.

I've raised it with Presonus but judging by the forums they're **** at responding to people. Not to mention their support ticket function on their webshite doesn't even work.

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answered Dec 23, 2020 by leonardoardila (150 points)
Me paso lo mismo, lo compre hace 4 meses y ahora no me funciona, presonus es basura, perdí mi dinero comprando está interfaz.