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Will Faderport control Kontakt outputs in Studio One..

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asked Nov 26, 2019 in FaderPort 8 by dannympo (120 points)

I often use kontakt for my drums in Studio One. I usually send it out as multiple outputs within my instrument track, so that i can create separate faders and whatnot for each individual drum, but these faders are really just as part of the instrument track.

My question is will Faderport recognise these and allow me to control them on the faderport? Or will it just recognise the one instance of the instrument and not the outputs? - In studio one, it shows all my separate kontakt outputs all in the mixer, but the arrange view doesn’t show them. So i just wondering which way Faderport would recognise it..

I hope my question is clear. Any help would be great as it might be a deal breaker for buying one.

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answered Nov 26, 2019 by mikemanthei (460 points)
Yes, the faderport will work like any other control surface in that it matches up with what your mixer does

. I should also point out that the on-screen mixer and the faderport are by default two separate entities and don't always match each other unless you push the remote button in the scene control menu. Then faderport will continue to mirror what you do with the mixer and vice versa. So if you take five mixer channels and send them to a bus, and then set the bus to hide the related channels, they will disappear from both the screen and the faderport.

 but even but even if you don't push the remote button, the faderport will show the outputs of Kontakt another multi output virtual instruments