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FabFilter Pro-Q3 spectrum

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asked Dec 2 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by petrzikmund (890 points)
edited Dec 3 by petrzikmund
FabFilter Pro-Q3 has a feature which allows you to see other instances of Pro-Q in the same project, and compare post-EQ spectra with them, to make mixing choices. The plugin is supposed to take the names of the current track it's on as the instance name, so each track name
However, in Studio ONE, this does not work, and instead every instance has is just named Pro-Q(1), Pro-Q(2) etc. regardless of the mixer track names in Studio ONE. I am on Windows 10.

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answered Dec 2 by robertgray3 (27,480 points)
On macOS this works for me. What OS are you running?