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Improve Spectrum Meter Frequency Range

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asked May 12 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by jw31 (960 points)
This is a request for the Spectrum Meter in Studio One. It is really great how resizable and adaptable it currently is. It should be released from its current limitations.

My Sennheiser HD600 headphones have a frequency range from 12 Hz to 39000. The next model the HD650s go from 10 to 39500. While the range of human hearing is said to commonly be between 20 Hz to 20000, there are technical uses and uses for sound design purposes to seeing further above and below the common range.

For example dogs can hear up to 60 Khz. And low Hz ranges might not be heard, but they can be felt. If you're going to transpose audio, what wasn't audible before now moves into the audible range, as frequencies are increased or decreased. It's useful to see ahead of time what is going to be transposed.

It should be quite simple to allow the min and max of the Spectrum Meter to go beyond the current 20 to 20 Khz maximum, if the user wishes it. For sound design purposes I'd like to request the Spectrum Meter's current min and max limits be removed.

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