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Ability to Cut Midi Notes

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asked Dec 6, 2019 in Editing by saraleboudec (200 points)
This seems like such a basic ability which doesn't appear to be present in Studio One. I just switched from Cubase. In Cubase, you can hold cntl and it allows you to cut midi notes so you don't have to draw another one if you created a part that is too long and you just need to cut it and move it in place. It seems to be easy to implement as you can hold control and it changes to the cut tool when working with audio.

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answered Dec 8, 2019 by robertgray3 (29,390 points)
We have the split tool. It’s in the toolbar. I believe Cubase has the same one.
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answered Dec 8, 2019 by saraleboudec (200 points)
I see your response about having the split tool. It does work, however it's backwards and difficult to use. If you have the split tool selected, you can click control and it turns into the arrow, but not the other way around. For the best workflow, it would be best if you could turn the arrow cursor into the split too with control.
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answered Dec 11, 2019 by ra18 (410 points)
have you tried using "split at grid". i believe if you select the note you want to chop up and then in the midi editor click on the button that says "Action" then click "split at grid" it will split the notes based on what your grid is set at. so if you select 8th notes it will split by 8th notes and so forth.
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answered Dec 11, 2019 by robertgray3 (29,390 points)
@saraleboudec OK, just wanted to make sure you knew what features were already available before thinking you couldn't do what you need. The feature request you're looking for is called "Smart Tool for MIDI" it sort of allows you for flexibility for what tool comes up with which modifier instead of having to use a number keypad shortcut (2) in this case to select another tool like the Splitter tool.