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Then you need to update your product comparison chart...

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asked Dec 13, 2019 in Studio One 4 by stevecharles4 (180 points)

Thank you for the quick response. You need to update your product comparison chart, as it is inaccurate. It clearly shows that Ampire XT comes with Studio One Artist.  It is unreasonable to think someone trying to make a product purchase decision is going to search your site on every one of those comparison items to see if there is an amendment to the chart. I purchased my interface because of this... and because an engineer friend here in Nashville had recommended Studio One. It diminishes the "deal" of purchasing a packaged system if you have to shell out another $60 to get the one thing you were really looking forward to using.

It also makes me wonder what other information on the website is inaccurate and will end up not meeting expectations.. and costing more.  I really want to like this product, but that's not a great start.


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answered Dec 17, 2019 by andreashfer1 (150 points)

I agree with you.

Ampire XT in Artist (looked at the comparison chart before) was one of the reasons, why I bought a PreSonus audio interface.

The fact that artist users have just one amp and one speaker is just disappointing.

Greets, 'Dreas