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Will this DAW work for me?

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asked Dec 13, 2019 in Computer Based Recording & Production by wayneashworth (150 points)

So new to DAW! Been using Boss 1600 cd for years and a tascam 4 track tape wayyyyyy back when. I like the idea of the DAW however Im still not convinced with what I do its the best way to go. So...... I as a rule use background CD's and the record vocals or other instruments and then mix it down to CD and use that for performance. My problem is Is Presonus the right DAW for what Im doing?

  • Your Computer Make and Model           HP Envy x360

  • Operating System and Version              windows 10

  • Application Version                                  ?????????

  • Audio Interface and it's Driver Version         Focusrite Scarlett 8i6

  • Digital Mixer and it's Driver/Firmware Version    ?????????

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answered Feb 27, 2020 by aka_busker (32,870 points)
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Hi Wayne, sorry for the late reply.

Yes, switch to the Studio One, keep the Boss and Tascam gear!  I started my recordings with a Tascam Portastudio 4 track.  I have a boss Micro BR as a sketch pad too.

Boss make a piece of software that takes the proprietary format of their recording devices and converts them to a wav per channel.  So, in theory, it is very easy to do your session on the Boss, convert the stems to wavs and then drop them into a song in Studio One for editing.  You need to be able to plug the Boss gadget via usb as a storage device not an audio device.  

Here's an article on the process from you device to windows.

I hope this helps,

Cheers, Jake.
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answered Dec 14, 2019 by colinotoole (16,360 points)
I've followed a similar route to you in the past.

Trust me, after an initial learning curve, you will never look back and you will be very pleased you moved forward with Studio One.

Kind regards.