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How to sync two stereo tracks in S1 v4?

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asked Dec 21, 2019 in Studio One 4 by tcappelen (120 points)
I have two stereo recordings from the same concert done on different recorders. One is a soundboard and the other is a stereo pair of mics in the room. Is there an easy way to sync them in S1 other than trying to manually line up the wave forms by eye and ear?

The issue I’m having with this method is when zoomed in on a peak and trying to move one recording to line up with the other, it either goes too far or not enough.

There’s got to be a way to either make S1 sync them or at the very least, allow me to have more precise control to slide or nudge the wave forms. I’ve tried using both samples and frame in the timebase drop down menu.

Thank you in advance!

1 Answer

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answered Dec 22, 2019 by matthewritenburg (17,280 points)
Manually line up an early transient spike that is present is both recordings then using time stretch drag the audience recording so it lines up to the end of the soundboard recording.  If the audience recording is slightly late by tiny amounts it should be fine since the audience recording is providing an ambience missing from the soundboard recording.

If you need more precision, you can places cuts between each song in the audience recording, then manually line up the starts of each song and then time stretch drag each audience recording song to line up with the end of each soundboard song.  It’s a lot more work, but definitely more precise.