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High pitched noise when recording with blackstar id core v2

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asked Jan 7 in Studio One 4 by einarsmiglans (280 points)

I recently started recording witg Blackstar id core V2 40W. I pluged it in pc using micro usb cable. I can hear the guitar on stuido one, but every ~10 seconds there is a high pitched noise, have no idea how to fix it. ( This diddnt help, beacuse i have windows 10. Please help!

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answered Jul 2 by garymaguire (11,420 points)
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This is usually hardware related, make sure the drivers of the interface are fully up to date.

You may need to contact the manufacturer.
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answered Jul 1 by ashwathamayayati (180 points)
Hey I'm also facing the same exact problem and I too use Windows 10. Did you find any solution to this, if you did please please share it I would be really really grateful to you :)
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answered Jul 2 by einarsmiglans (280 points)
Hey ashwathamayayati! I have Good news and bad news. The good news is i resolved this problem, and everything works fine. The bad news is i think there is not one answer that will work for everyone. But i will try my best to help you.

Not gonna lie, this was very frustrating for me, and took quite some time. So try this, open your DAW of choise i personally use reaper. You need ASIO4ALL. Enable ID:Core Amplifier and try both 44.1kHz and 48kHz. I personally set ASIO buffer size to 224 Samples. But this might not work for everyone. Tick 'Always Resample 44.1 - 48kHz' And just see if the crackles gets worse or not. Then just try increasing or deacresing buffer size.

When i was trying to fix this i had to find a really percise buffer size that worked for me. And if i change my buffersize just a littlebit i start to get crackles again. So just try changing it by very little.

Hope this helped.