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Can't remove Soundset location

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asked Jan 7 in Studio One 4 by Willax (310 points)
I have a new computer and installed Studio One 4 Pro on it.  Apparently the installation defaulted the soundset location to OneDrive, which is ok.  I have a separate internal 4terabyte drive that I wanted to use as my music location drive.  So I put the Soundsets on the internal drive in the Studio One document soundset file on that drive.  However, when I open Studio One, I get a message on the scroll list saying Sounset "etc." already installed.  So i went into locations and removed the internal drive location, clicked apply and ok and exited the program.  When I restart Studio One, I get the same message in the scroll list and the location shows that internal drive is still listed.  How can I remove this?

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