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Transport dependent LTC generator assignable to an arbitrary audio output

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asked Jan 8, 2020 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by scopchanov (350 points)

Use case

For Youtube purposes I need to make a multicam video with consumer DSLR cameras by either:

  1. Shooting with one camera sequentially over a pre-recorded audio (e. g. playing each time a different instrument), or
  2. Shooting simultaneously with several cameras while recording the audio with a microphone (e. g. making a review, tutorial etc.).

The audio is played back/recorded by Studio One and the video is stored internally by the cameras. In both cases, it is necessary to ensure that the timecodes of the audio track and the videos do match with each other in order to be synced later in a video editing software.

Possible solution

Prior shooting the videos I import in S1 a wav file containing a pre-generated LTC and assign the track's output to an available output channel of my audio interface. Then in the audio interface I route this channel to a physical line out, which is in turn connected with a cable to the mic input of the camera/s.

Requested feature

The described solution works perfectly. However, in order to simplify the workflow, it would be great if there were a possibility to output the current position of the cursor in S1 as an analog timecode signal, assignable to any available output channel of the audio interface.

I know how to output an MTC from S1, but In this case I need the analog form of it.

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