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Using Studiolive Series III in existing Dante Network

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asked Jan 16 in StudioLive Series III by richardwhiddon (120 points)
I want to use a 64S as a streaming mixer in an existing Dante network.  Is there any cost effective and bulletproof way to do this?  The 64s has the features we need at a great price point, but lack of Dante connectivity means that unless we can find some 64 channel bridge product, it's useless in our application.  I know that there are Dante to USB bridges - would this work?



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answered Jan 16 by wahlerstudios (104,000 points)
It was said in one of the closed (private) facebook groups that PreSonus is working on a Dante solution, but it was some time ago already and now is NAMM and there is nothing to "see" from PreSonus and Dante. There is no hardware or software product to buy.