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AudioBox USB Stops after 2 minutes, emits high pitched robotic whine

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asked Jan 18 in AudioBox USB by lukebradley-kelly (130 points)
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Been using the Audiobox for a while with no problem. Now when I used it, particularly in Ableton, it will work for almost 2 minutes exactly fine and then stop and all i will hear is a high pitched robotic whine.

I have already tried:

changing usb cable

changing power outlet

download latest drivers

when i unplug the usb cable and plug it back in it will reset and work again, but CONSISTENTLY will do the same thing after almost exactly 2 minutes.

EDIT: This happens regardless of what the input is (microphone, direct in bass guitar) and what the output source is (headphones, monitors). It TOTALLY fine for 2 minutes, then exactly at the same time mark it almost cuts out entirely to be replaced with this high pitched warbling robotic noises.

I've never had this problem before and now it is occurring with no change in my set-up or recording routine.

This only happens when I am using my computer audio output.


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answered Jan 18 by jaskaransingh4 (140 points)
Is the high pitch sound coming out of your monitors (speakers)? If so, check if you have a microphone that's being monitored in Ableton. If so, move your microphone away from the speakers or just turn off input monitoring on the microphone. I had a similar issue, and that's what my solution was. I'm not sure if you're experiencing the same thing. To test it, bring your microphone closer to a speaker and the closer you get, the louder the high pitch noise will be.