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Audiobox usb 96 stops very often

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asked Feb 7, 2019 in AudioBox USB by hyukjoe (150 points)
Using windows 10 64bit / firmware 1.12 (cannot update - error continuosly occurs)

I am using audiobox usb 96 , but it frequently stops and no sound comes out from computer. Even the youtube videos stops at all.

Everytime when this happens, only solution I found is replugging the audiobox power cable. Then everything comes back but later it happens again and again. This is very disappointing especially I am using studio one or watching videos.

In case of electric problem, Audiobox is plugged into mainboard usb port.

Every single hint of this problem would be very useful.


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answered Feb 7, 2019 by nickmaggio (26,640 points)
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You may want to reach out to Tech Support in this regard..
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answered Feb 7, 2019 by pauldecesare (5,560 points)

I've come to find that my MIDI gear is very sensitive to interference which mangles the data paths. I had trouble just like that with my Studio 192 Mobile interface and FaderPort 8... Dropped connections, firmware would NOT update, etc etc. We all have a lot going on usually at our workstations, such as routers shooting wireless, Bluetooth stuff, cellphones, AC power cables running along side of audio cables and USB cables.

I completely fixed the problem but at a great expense, and since have discovered there's a much cheaper way. I had purchased AudioQuest Forest digital USB cables from Amazon at $40 a piece. Bought three of them, one each for my Studio 192 interface, FaderPort 8 and M-Audio CODE 61 controller, $120 total. They have been flawless for almost 2 years, and as soon as I plugged them in, all firmware updates on my devices completed with NO issues. I've even written about this in other posts.

Since then I've come to find that USB cables with ferrite chokes on the end also offer data protection. I've always wondered what those barrels on the ends of some cables were. I've not tried it yet, but you can get those cables for under 8 bucks each! I say try one, see if your AudioBox behaves better. It's from Amazon so you can always return it and get your 8 bucks back: . My guess is that your AudioBox is going to work perfectly, lol. Let us know!