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Since my latest update (1/15/20), I have to reboot my computer to change the Sample Rate

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asked Jan 16 in StudioLive Series III by billcorkery (140 points)
Yesterday, I ran a Source Connect session and had to put my computer on-line.  

US said there was a firmware update and so I let it run.  

Ever since then I can't change the sample rate without rebooting my computer.

The recording software is switched to show 44.1,  Studio Live III shows 44.1 but the UC is stuck on 48.

I don't think I should have to reboot every time I want to switch between the two.

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answered Jan 16 by wahlerstudios (104,410 points)
The latest firmware update was November 19, 2019 and it didn't change anything basic, so I suppose it's more a communication problem between mixer and computer. It's the audio interface which tells Studio One to run in sample rate A (44.1 kHz) or B (48 kHz) and you should NEVER toggle between sample rates. Never! Start the mixer, select the sample rate, then start Studio One (or Capture). This should work without any problems.
asked Jan 23 in StudioLive Series III by billcorkery (140 points) That's what I do.