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My Audiobox USB 96 audio keeps randomly cutting in and out

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asked May 7, 2020 in AudioBox USB by nathanstanley1 (170 points)
edited May 7, 2020 by nathanstanley1
For a few days the audio on my desktop randomly works and stops working at random periods of time. The only working solution I have been able to find is to unplug and replug my audiobox 96 to get it to work until it just randomly stops working again. The periods of time it takes for the audiobox to stop working range from a few minutes to several hours. I have tried plugging it in in both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers multiple times. The only clue I get to what is wrong is when I use the Windows troubleshooting tool to which it says "Generic Audio Driver". I have found no fix to this error and I am very lost at this point. Are there any other methods I can try to get rid of this issue?

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answered May 7, 2020 by pelhamhouchin (120 points)
I have the same issue. I try to record anything and it just disconnects after about 10 seconds. Then I have to reinstal universal Control and the drivers again and again. I have spent days on this and havent been able to use it at all. Also tried all of the 3.0 USB ports. SO frustrating. What a waste of money.
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answered May 21, 2020 by jaywelter (550 points)
(If using Windows 10,) Windows 10 has a "feature" whereby it's own update servers will install their own drivers (as tested) on your computer based on your hardware, regardless of how you have or intend to have the hardware configured.  I just spent a number of mind-bending days dealing with this and Windows overwriting the driver for and thus breaking one of my (older) graphics cards, that requires a special modified .inf file to install.  Days.

Go here for the fix.  There are two ways to do it, driven by your version of Windows 10, Pro or Home. One fix involves the Group Policy Editor (Win 10 Pro only), and the other involves the Registry Editor (Win 10 Pro or Home).  Be very careful and follow the instructions to the letter, or download and run their patch.
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answered Nov 30, 2020 by stuartdunn (210 points)
FYI I was able to fix my issues by using the built in USB 2.0 audio drivers included with Windows 10.  i.e. Removing any traces of the drivers that PreSonus packages into their Universal Control.  I tried their entire guide over days of troubleshooting and never got it to work reliably.  For anyone having issues with cutting out, inputs randomly not working etc. it's worth trying that.

Here are the official MSFT docs on it.