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Why is there no Z latency button in Studio One?

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asked Jan 31, 2016 in Studio One 3 by tomgass (120 points)
I have an iMac running El Capitan and using Studio One 3 Artist.  I have a firewire interface, but I do not have a Z button to select in Studio One.

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answered Feb 15, 2016 by butchrichard (131,280 points)
It depends on the firewire interface that you have.  The FirePod is a very oldschool firewire interface and was great in its time, but it does not support the Z latency feature.  

The Zero Latency feature is ONLY available in Studio One and works with the AudioBox 1818VSL, FireStudio Project/Mobile, and the Studio 192.

You need to create 2 or more output busses in Audio I/O Setup and check the box for Cue Mix.  Then in the Console Mixer view, you can click a Z button for the Cue Mix of any audio channel.  The Z will be located just to the left of the padlock button for the Cue Mix.