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Recording with a Presonus Studio Live 16.0.2

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asked Jan 24, 2020 in Classic Mixers by erictrujillo (120 points)
Good morning team,

I'm the lead singer in a 4 piece band and my bass player has a Presonus Studio Live 16.0.2 that we use as our main mixing board in our PA system. We would like to record the show's audio tonight, because we were asked to put in professional audio in an advertisement for an upcoming festival. How would I go about setting this up in the board, and then in Studio One? I'd like to use the mixer as the interface and just capture the dry tracks, and then edit them in my Pro Tools rig later.

Thank you!

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answered Jan 24, 2020 by wahlerstudios (104,480 points)

All you need is a computer with FireWire and Capture as recording software (free download: More information about Capture here: You don't necessarily need to install "Universal Control 1.7.6".