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Hi - I too wish to control Capture using UC Surface on my iPad

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asked Jan 24 in StudioLive Series III by paulgreig2 (190 points)
I have UC Surface running on my iPad, linked (thru a dedicated router) to Universal Control on my MacMini - and the iPad nicely controls the faders on UC and on the StudioLive32SX (brilliant!!);  however, when I run  Capture on the MacMini,  I do not see a "Capture button" on UC Surface  - Could you please advise - where should I be looking on UC Surface or is there a link that I have omitted? - Thanks in advance for your help - Paul

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answered Feb 6 by jonnydoyle (361,610 points)
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Please ensure all aspects are running the latest firmware and re-test.
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answered Jan 24 by wahlerstudios (104,410 points)
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UC Surface on the Max mini should see Capture right away, because the USB connection provides all information. To see Capture on the iPad, it is necessary that the Mac mini also joins the network. Then the Capture symbol will/should appear in UC Surface on your iPad.

Capture SD card also shows up in all UC Surface devices, but the Mac mini does not need to be connected to the control network.

The active Capture symbol/button is located below the FX button. It appears when UC Surface has discovered Capture.